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  • Interviewer:

    I think the light of his life right now is his son, your grandson...right?

  • Jorge Messi:

    Right now yeah, definitely. Definitely. His face just lights up when he sees him...

  • Interviewer:

    Does he play like him?

  • Jorge Messi:

    (Laughs) Hehe, he's still a little kid... (Laughs)

  • Interviewer:

    But does it seem like he will? Or not at all?

  • Jorge Messi:

    Yeah, yeah. He definitely likes it, when he has a ball he just runs away with it on his feet...

  • Interviewer:

    Oh my God, oh my God! The Messis, oh my God!! The Messis!!!

  • Jorge Messi:


  • Interviewer:

    [...] Like many great footballers and many great athletes, Leo has a life of his own outside the pitch... How is that exactly?

  • Jorge Messi:

    Leo's private life is very normal, he has his own family, he LOVES his family. He tries to keep them away from the spotlight, he tries to not mix things up, his career is one thing and his family another even though of course he showed off his son once or twice but that's normal because he's proud of him, like any father would be of their own children. But he always tries to keep them safe and away from the public eye.

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"At 10.30pm there is a gentle knock at Pep’s office door and a 21-year-old Leo Messi comes in. The coach shows him the video, pausing it to point out the empty space. He wants his player to make that space his own. From now on it will be ‘the Messi zone.’ 

'Tomorrow in Madrid I want you to start on the wing as usual, but the minute I give you a sign I want you to move away from the midfielders and into the space I just showed you. The minute Xavi or Andres Iniesta break between the lines and give you the ball I want you to head straight for Casillas' goal.' 

It was a secret between the two. Nobody else would know about the plans until Pep explained to Tito Vilanova the following day in the team hotel. Just minutes before kick-off, Guardiola took Xavi and Iniesta to one side and told them.”

An extract from Pep Confidential: The Inside Story of Pep Guardiola’s First Season at Bayern Munich, explaining how Pep decided to change Leo’s position the night before 2009’s El Clásico. 

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At 34, he is still here and he has won everything. The European Championships in 2008, the European Cup in 2009, the World Cup in 2010, the European Cup in 2011, the European Championships in 2012. Every year for five years he won the most significant trophy in world football. But he did not just win them; he was not a fellow traveller. He led. He was an ideologue. He played and made others play.